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    Nearly everybody wants to know for sure which are the most recommended diets for quick weight loss. Though, the answer is not the least bit easy. There’s almost always some sort of potential downside somewhere. If you’re searching for some sort of magical cure I’m going to say this right now, there actually isn’t one. For this reason, it’s extremely important you are aware of precisely what you are getting your self in for while looking at doing any of these diet plans. The following article should, hopefully, provide you with pretty much all the tips you’ll need to help make an informed choice about which diet plans could be most suitable to suit your needs.

    You can pretty much rely on the fact that the most desired and well known weight loss programs are going to be good quality. The diet plans that are popular are often like that for a purpose. These weight loss plans that have proven themselves to be frequent high sellers over a period of time can generally be trusted more than the ones which have not. In this instance, newer diets or novelty weight loss plans will be best left alone until they’ve been tested in the marketplace. Most diet plans which are still on the market after a couple of years should be delivering some reasonable results.

    Quite a few diets offer good quality free gifts in the way of downloadable ebooks, audio as well as video footage which are usually more than just sales tactics. It’s possible to figure out a great deal relating to the content material within a plan through the quality of the giveaways. Look at the way in which they are produced along with the professionalism and trust exuded within these materials. What is important to understand here shouldn’t be the subject matter within the freebies, it’s more what you foresee the actual paid material to be like. After all, you get what you pay for these days, and absolutely free material is worth each and every nickle!

    Some of the fundamental necessities which every quality diet program must offer are; nutritional facts, eating options, tested recipes and an extensive training program. The best weight loss diets also contain some type of metabolic typing procedure or calculation that will help you harness the power of your body’s unique calorie burning properties. Advanced diets for quick weight loss consist of more than only written material and that’s why the web-based diets tend to be the hottest sellers. Downloadable audio along with web-based video are the 2 major reasons why the web based diets out sell and also out do their competition. These weight loss programs include a selection of learning and motivational content which provide for both image and aural learning groups. After all, some people really do not like reading.

    Perhaps one of the biggest issues for easily slimming down is getting great support combined with the right information. This is particularly crucial with dieting, seeing that difficulties, excuses and scrumptious temptations may easily side line any weight loss dreams. Quite a few of the leading weight loss plans give email and community forum assistance. Make it a point to choose one of these diets to begin with simply because your chances of actually reducing the extra weight and more importantly not regaining it will most likely be better.

    Finally, it must be mentioned that there isn’t one particular weight loss program which is considerably better than any other. I am aware that sounds disheartening, especially when you’re seeking a definitive solution. Nevertheless, regrettably one great weight loss diet for one individual could very well wind up being lousy for the next person. It all relies on what type of eating regimen suits you best. There are a wide range of fantastic diet programs out there that have varying ratios of exercise, diet constraints and speed of weight reduction. It is these 3 factors which are commonly the trade off in every weight loss program. There’s absolutely no such diet that will provide quick weight loss which does not include either a comprehensive exercise routine or highly restrictive eating plan. Equally, weight loss diets that provide liberal eating limits will likely take you more time to get rid of fat. The secret is to be truly frank with yourself and determine exactly what you’re prepared to undertake, or sacrifice, and opt for the diet plan which caters to you the best.

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    Relating to this writer: Neville Pettersson is the founder of the diets for quick weight loss analysis site. This web site evaluates the very best diet plans such as fatloss4idiots and truthaboutabs. For more information go to: http://www.dietsforquickweightlosscompared.com/

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    If you’re tired of having excessive stomach fat and want to eliminate it, then you need to pay attention to what I’m about to disclose in this article. It may or may not surprise you.

    You see, in order to lose belly fat, you need to have the perfect combination of diet and exercise. However, there is always room for error (sometimes too much room). Eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong exercises will leave you in the same condition as before you started, or potentially even worse!

    Don’t want to be stuck in that same scenario? First, you’ll need to avoid these 4 things below:

    1. Overly Excessive Crunches

    Doing thousands of crunches will do nothing to help lose belly fat and flatten your stomach. Sure, it will strengthen your core muscles, but nothing more. Don’t waste time doing thousands of crunches over and over, putting yourself through sheer misery, which leads me to the next exercise.

    2. Sit-Ups

    Are you killing yourself with hundreds and hundreds of sit-ups? It will result in the same as doing hundreds of crunches. Trust me – your waistline won’t get any more trim than it already is.

    3. Ab Machines

    Do you find yourself picking up every single “miracle ab machine” that you see advertised on TV? While these work your abdominal section and help tone muscle, they won’t trim the fat. They are just another accessory to help you workout your abs, but they won’t melt the fat away.

    4. Weighted Ab Stations

    You see these at nearly every gym in America. Again, they help shape abs, but don’t cut away any fat.

    What You Really Need

    You see, most people focus on only ab workouts when trying to lose belly fat, but the problem is that they pay zero attention to their diet! Working your stomach muscles and eating whatever you see won’t get you to get the midsection of your dreams.

    The above exercises do work good when combined with a solid diet and cardio fitness plan. We all know the key to help lose stomach fat is to have a solid diet with a great workout routine. When it comes to weight loss, there are no corners to cut if you truly want great results.

    Make sure you create a diet plan that keeps your metabolism high in the sky. This can be accomplished by eating six well balanced, small portion meals per day. You metabolism is the fat burning furnace, and the higher it is, the more fat you’ll burn! It’s THAT simple.

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    If you’re fed up with fad diets and other forks in the road, listen up. Right now, you’re about to find out the truth behind how to burn belly fat fast! Are you ready?

    Get the SHOCKING secrets at my how to lose body fat blog on how to burn belly fat quicker than you ever dreamed of!

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    Does burn the fat feed the muscle work

    Does burn the fat feed the muscle work? Well that has to be something you decide. I can tell you from my experience it is. Very good. Being overweight and just overall feeling nasty and tired is no way to go through life. Nothing taste as good as skinny feels. Thats a phrase I have to remember on a daily basis. If I dont I will succomb to the bitter temptations of the food world. We have to eat to live and not live to eat. So if this is enough for you to decide check this out.

    Tom Venuto and his experience in nutrition and bodybuilding was enough to make me take a closer look. I didnt want to waste my time searching the local gyms and talk shows for the next big thing. I wanted something that I could do on a daily basis for the rest of my life. Who can starve themselves everyday just to lose weight or maintain what they have. Not me I needed more. So does burn the fat feed the muscle work. You betcha it does.

    Does burn the fat feed the muscle work? It does and good for several different reasons. number one it gave me hope in a new day and gave me hope for the future. I loss weight and found a long lasting result and program even I can follow. And let me tell you I am not the easiest person to motivate. I have been on a long roller coaster of diets and workouts that only brought me misery and pain.

    Why couldn’t I just be fat and happy? Well you cant. No one who is overweight can be happy. Why you ask? Because being overweight causes alot more issues than just looking bad. It is the number three leading cause of death. Want to be around for your family and friends? I do. Obesity causes type II diabetes, insulin resistance and it has been linked to some cancers. Is that enough for you yet. Just think where all the fat that isnt stored on your body goes. How about around all your major organs inclunding the heart. Want to put more stress on your heart, want to overload an already pumping organ that never rest sometimes for a hundred years. I didnt. Think about all the stress your bones and joints feel due to the heavy overload of fat. Want to be in pain everyday of your life? I don’t. Why do you think obese people just sit around or use those little battery operated wheel chairs in stores. Because it hurts way to much to move. I didn’t want to be that or feel that. Can you be a little overweight and healthy sure you can but a little can go along way over time.

    so does burn the fat feed the muscle work? You need to decide is being overweight and risking it all on a losing hand good. If your answer was no Click Here!

    So if you are still not convinced does burn the fat feed the muscle work. yes it is and if you want to see and hear awesome information on does burn the fat feed the muscle work than Click Here!

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    Researching proven systems and programs.

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    What is the secret of weight loss?

    Well it’s no secret that weight loss is all about making healthy choices in life.

    A diet, however, is something that people take up for a short time to lose some weight. Whether that weight is lost or not the diet plan is normally only short lived; statistics show that the average length of time is 3 months before it is abandoned. Many people will then attempt another diet plan after some time, with the same inevitable result. This constant hopping from one diet plan to another and the subsequent yo-yoing of weight is a very common occurrence with millions of the people throughout the world that attempt to reach happiness through dieting.

    And that is fundamentally where they are going wrong.

    Healthy living, healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifestyle choice. It should not be something that you merely pick up when you need to lose a few pounds and then put down again after a few weeks.

    If you are one of the many people that wish to lose weight; that hate the way they look in the mirror, hate the fact that every year their clothes no longer fit and they have gone up another size or two, if you wonder how can I stop eating fattening food, or just stop overeating. If you are one of these people, and I know what it is like because I was there myself for many years; then why keep yourself attached to the way of life that holds you trapped in this body and lifestyle that you dislike?

    To adopt the ‘diet’ mentality is to take on a temporary, transitory status.

    If you really want, to reach your ideal weight and have permanent weight loss then there has to be a lifestyle change.

    Adopt a healthy eating plan. There is so much tasty food out there that you can really enjoy and that is not going to make you fat. Why eat burgers and pies and cakes and whatever else? In reality it is easy to stop eating junk food. Once you make that initial break and feel the buzz from losing your weight and you begin to feel healthier; then the desire for junk food diminishes.

    You are what you eat is a very true maxim. If your diet is high in fat and calories and consists mainly of junk food then you are going to feel lethargic. You will not have the energy or inspiration to participate in many things. You may find that you have mood swings as you follow the highs and lows of your blood sugar levels. Your stomach, bowel and digestive tract may not be performing efficiently as they struggle to deal with the junk food that you put through your body. Your skin may be blotchy and spotty through lack of the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

    Heavens, it is no wonder that you never feel like moving from that armchair and that the thought of exercise is enough to send you to the bottom of the biscuit barrel…you have no energy!

    Sadly, you are missing out on many of the wonderful things in life like feeling healthy and energetic and liking the person that you see in the mirror.

    It takes a big effort to get started I know it does but once you have that motivation, then it is like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It has its own momentum and you do not have to keep on pushing. The feeling that you get as the weight comes off and you can see the ideal you emerging is indescribable.

    You suddenly have energy because you are getting all of your bodies requirements from your food. Your skin has a shine and a glow to it. There is colour in your cheeks because you are exercising regularly and your blood is circulating properly and what’s more you are actually enjoying it. Actually enjoying exercise! You may find that hard to believe but it’s true and the buzz from the endorphins that are released from your exercising is far higher and lasts far longer than the buzz that you ever got from eating chocolate
    Your life is changing. You are shedding the fat person that you have carried around for so long. You are revealing the real you and it is so exciting that you cannot wait to wake up every morning and carry on with this wonderful life.

    There is no greater buzz than reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it and the journey is almost as good as the arrival.

    Isn’t it time that you realised that this is a journey for life, a wonderful healthy journey that you are so going to enjoy.

    Stop wasting your time and energy with temporary diet plans that do not work.

    Begin your healthy eating plan today, right now, and begin to discover the real you.

    About the Author

    I am an ex-overweight person who was fortunate enough, many years ago, to find a healthy eating plan that helped me to lose a life-changing amount of weight. I have since maintained that weight loss. I have studied diet and nutrition for many years and I have a passion for health and fitness. I have studied yoga in England and India. I have a diploma to teach yoga from the B.S.Y. and also from the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Ashram in Majurai, Southern India. I am currently enjoying expanding my new weight loss website. For further weight loss advice and tips click here =>

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    The 1200-Calorie Diet Menu For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

    There are many difficult life changes when first diagnosed with diabetes. One difficult change that presents itself is having to change, or even reduce, your eating habits. Don’t worry though! Create your own 1200-calorie diet menu to change up a boring diabetic diet.

    You can improve your health, lose weight, and maintain your blood glucose level with a 1200-calorie diet menu. It is important to remember to track what you eat and how many calories as it greatly impacts how your blood glucose and insulin react. 1200 calories is the ideal amount for people living with diabetes. With moderation, you can get these calories from a variety of foods!

    On a 1200-calorie diet menu, you should eat at least six times daily. The six or seven times include breakfast, lunch, dinner and two or three snacks in between. Depending on how high your blood glucose level is, you should adjust your carb intake accordingly. Your snacks can range depending on sugar and carb content, but they should be 100 calories or less. Even so, all your meals can be made with a variety of ingredients that are both delicious and low in carbohydrates and calories!

    For your meals, you don’t have to completely take out all your favorite foods. When preparing breakfast, use natural ingredients that are high-fiber and low fat. You could eat cereal with 1% milk, fruit, and water if you like (just watch out for high-concentrate fruit juices). You can even eat waffles, French toast, and muffins on an occasion or two. And low-fat protein items like turkey bacon or scrambled eggs are perfectly fine to indulge in! Make sure that there’s no more than 400 calories in your breakfast though.

    When it comes time for lunch, you should focus on packing your meals with all-natural ingredients which will let you control your calories better. Pre-made lunches by Budget Gourmet or Lean Cuisine are great as they are low in fat and calories. Also stay away from salty deli sandwich meats that will increase blood glucose irregularities and build up the calorie count. Lunches should be around 300 to 400 calories with an emphasis on lean meats, low-sugar and healthy carbohydrates.

    Come dinner time, your meal should revolve around proteins (chicken, turkey, or fish) and seasoned vegetables with baked fruit for dessert. Your main concentration should be sautéing your chicken or fish while avoiding cream-based sauces or salty spices. Instead, you should season with herbs, such as oregano or basil, and a little olive oil. At 400 calories, there’s more than enough flavoring for a delicious dinner! On this 1200-calorie diet menu, you can eat tastier food while controlling your diabetes!

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    Zach has helped others deal with diabetes throughout his life. After helping friends and family and even having a scare himself, he now tries to help out others by writing articles on ways to better handle diabetes, such as what kinds of diabetic snacks to eat or health tips.

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    Eat to Lose Weight? But what?

    Just to keep it short we do need to eat to lose weight. Why? Well if you do not eat then you will not lose fat at first, you will lose muscle because that is the way the body works. Fat is a long term store. There is more at Eat to Lose Weight by following the link at the bottom but read on for a lot of what is on there.

    Problem is that muscle burns off fat so if you lose muscle your diet will not work in the long term. You may lose weight BUT if the diet slips then where does the weight go back on? You guessed it fat and fat of course all ends up on your thighs, bums and tums.
    What to Eat to Lose Weight

    The golden rule applies. Take in fewer calories than you burn and you will shed those pounds.

    I always recommend a balanced diet so you will actually be eating a little bit of everything, carbohydrates, fats (preferably healthy ones) proteins and of course essential minerals and vitamins. If you go down the varied diet route then you will not miss out on any of these.

    Each one serves a purpose.

    Carbohydrates give energy to make your body function well.

    Proteins are an essential building block your muscles and certain

    healthy fats or oils also contribute to your body’s wellbeing. Oils also tend to be slower to digest and as a result help suppress your appetite. That is why I recommend dressings on salads. Add flavour too so makes the meal more enjoyable.

    To eat to lose weight it is very helpful if you do actually enjoy what you are eating. Again having a varied diet will help that enormously. So many of the “fad” diets are given up simply because people get fed up with the same thing day after day.

    Snacking is not a bad thing either, just remember to add them into your daily calorie count. Snacks have the advantage of keeping the hunger pangs at bay. Some of the best snacks can be very low calory I put up a blog post Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss to give you some ideas.

    For much more information, including my favourite diet why not look at the site at http://healthyweightlossonline.com/eat-to-lose-weight or click here Eat to Lose Weight

    About the Author

    Roger is based in the Northwest of England. He is in a medical based profession full time.

    He is particularly interested in food and drink and maintaining a healthy life style. Hobbies include fell walking and cycling and motoring

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    Some takes this stage easily, however, some do not and some have so much difficulty handling on their own. Various reactions are likely to happen. But why deal with all those when you can face it with some help to make the inconvenience disappear Menopause stage is a part of the female gender’s life cycle. And a good help can now be found easily and affordably.

    What is menopause?

    Menopause is the time when her monthly period permanently stops. It is normal and common.


    Weight gain is due to slow metabolism. These symptoms, however, vary from one individual woman to another. Vaginal dryness, urinary problems and fatigue are due to lower level of estrogen.


    However, simple remedies suggested are:taking Vitamins E and calcium supplement, eating soy products, drinking black cohash and Korean ginseng (both herbs) and acupuncture. There are on going studies and researches made on the advantages and efficacy of one over the other. traditional hormone replacement therapy. Consult a doctor to test what is happening to your hormones. BHRT is the treatment of hormone deficiencies caused by menopause and andropause using only molecules that are identical to the endogenous hormones found in the human body. Don\’t endure the pain and sufferings anymore. It is never fun and annoying when you feel uncomfortable in any way. Be it a slight headache or tiny twinge in your pinky finger, you should not take it for granted especially when you are reaching the senior years. It will teach you how to deal with each signs and symptoms with no complexities. You will discover them and much more So do you want to know more about the discovery? Buy this product now Most of what is written came from first hand experiences of women who have suffered many difficulties of menopause. Be able to identify the symptoms easily all by yourself and learn how to get in control over them.

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    I started writing articles on health topics like treatment for piles, obesity,diabetes control and how to conquer menopause etc. I submitted articles with ezinearticles.com,article submitter,goarticles.com,
    articlecity.com etc.

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    Attempting to get rid of excess fat and finally giving up cigarettes are much the same in a significant way. The most powerful identifying factor with your success requires possessing motivation. If you’re able to become determined, and keep that, then your probability of achieving your goals skyrocket. Anytime a person is highly motivated to achieve anything, that feeling must first stem from the wish to have something. But there is another essential aspect you can combine with the above two to make you become unstoppable. What this 3rd aspect is will be based entirely on your particular psychological make-up.

    We know you possess some keen desire as an end result as soon as you lose your extra weight. You see, it is important to have goals no matter what you are doing. Goals work to make real all those dreams and desires resident in your thoughts. The broad majority of men and women do have dreams regardless what they are doing in daily life. Before you are able to develop any kind of road map, you have to have a goal in mind to do that. It is very hard to find out how to get somewhere unless you know where you want to go. Generally there is an entirely deep game involved with losing weight, and realizing it is the path to freedom.

    As opposed to simply thinking you want to lose weight, ask yourself why you genuinely wish to do it. It goes without saying that the answers are yours exclusively. You may need to slim down for distinct health reasons like being diabetic, or trending toward diabetes. It is acknowledged that lower body joints could become uncomfortable as a consequence of severe excess weight. Perhaps you have young children, and you want to boost the quality of your life for the kids. Or, naturally, you want to prevent the many possible health issues that may occur as you get older. These are merely a handful of good examples that could serve as concrete reasons to slim down.

    Something that is frequent for lots of people who try and lose weight is failing to maintain their efforts. The tough part is not feeling energized, or determined, to alter your physical appearance and starting. The truly challenging part is sustaining that higher level of desire and determination. Should you be having a genuinely difficult time, then you may experience lackluster effort after even a week. The most effective method to push through the difficult times when you desire to quit is your robust motivation to realize success. Sometimes you simply need to dig in deeper, but don’t forget your end game, the outcome, which are your individual reasons.

    Although we realize things may get truly challenging, and at those times our individual values and reasons can appear insufficient. This is normal behavior and responses, and this is when positive support can make a big difference. In the event that isn’t feasible, then plan for it at any rate and just decide to go out and do something positive.

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    Karina’s websites: Insanely Cheap Flights, Nail Designs Pictures, Paris Museum Pass and SNCF Horaires.

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    Lynsey Chilcaot’s Best Life Stats
    Start date/weight September 2008 at 265 pounds
    Pounds lost 61
    Goal weight 160 (44 pounds to go)
    Best Life Status Phase 2/Activity Level 4

    Lynsey Chilcoat, a 20-year old nursing student, has struggled with her weight “since forever,” she says. But thanks to the Best Life, Lynsey currently weighs less than she did in sixth grade! Here’s how the Best Life helped her lose weight…and find a new happier life.

    What prompted you to try the Best Life?
    My turning point was when I realized that I was headed down the same road as some of my family members. Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and heart disease–conditions that are related to obesity–all run in my family, and I didn’t want to end up with a disease that could be prevented.

    Had you tried other programs/diets in the past?
    I’ve tried so many diets in the past, including the Atkins diet, going vegetarian (improperly), and cutting out all sweets and fats. Most diets I tried were ones my mom and I conjured up, but none of them ever stuck. Then I saw Bob Greene talking about The Best Life on The Oprah Winfrey Show. That’s when I realized that I could do something for myself, by myself and be proud of it!

    What has been the hardest thing to overcome living your Best Life?
    Not eating two hours before bedtime. My emotional eating time comes after everyone else has gone to bed and I have free-reign of the kitchen. One of the problems that I had before this program was that I felt ashamed of eating, and I hid food from my family and friends because I was afraid of what they would say about me. I didn’t want to eat in front of people, so I would only eat a little during the day and then binged like crazy at night. I’m learning to deal with the shame and fear by journaling and talking. I’m not going to say that I’ve been perfect because I’ve been far from it, but I am definitely working on it!

    What do you find surprising about living your Best Life?
    I love exercising! Wow, I never thought I’d say that! I work out about two hours at least five days a week. I take four classes, including Zumba (an aerobic dance class set to Latin and International music), Turbo Kick Boxing, and Cycling, every week at the gym. I also run between two and three miles before each class. Even as a child at school, I could never even run one mile without walking in between. To be able to run double or triple that–it amazes me every time I step onto that treadmill. I also always try to do weight training two or three days of the week. I use free weights mostly, and occasionally use different machines to switch the mix. My best activity day is only getting better with time!

    Tell us about a time you were tempted to skip a workout; how did you overcome the feeling?
    Over the summer I was taking classes at school and also worked full-time at a gelato shop (trust me, it was difficult enough to resist the urge to eat gelato every day). I became really stressed out as finals were approaching, and I just didn’t want to go to the gym. I realized that if I didn’t go work out that I wasn’t promoting my best self. I also noticed that the longer I tried to talk myself out of going to the gym, the more my day was wasted. But if I chose to go, it would be one step closer to my goal.

    Who do you turn to for support?
    I live at home with my parents, and recently, they have started to change the way they cook things to better accommodate my dietary wishes. And anytime I have a bad day they let me complain and even cry to them if I need to. Everyone that I worked with at the gelato shop was also very supportive and encouraging with my weight loss. I’ve made friends at the gym and on the Best Life message boards. I use the message boards a lot for support! I am on the “BEST LIFE FOREVER CANADIAN GIRLS & FRIENDS Join Us!!!!” board. I am not Canadian, and not all of the people on that particular message board are, but when I started this program I joined this thread because they were all really close and supportive of each other. All of the women that I’ve gotten to know on the board help me so much on the days that I struggle! Many of them have been extremely successful with the program for a long time, and their words of wisdom help me when I have a problem and feel like giving up.

    What are the foods you always have in your kitchen and why?
    Fiber One bars–they are delicious snacks that I can grab and take to class, and they have more than a quarter of my daily fiber need. AllWhites egg whites with whole-wheat tortillas and salsa–I eat a breakfast burrito with these three ingredients every morning. I also love bananas. I realize that most people get way too much sodium in their diets and not near enough potassium. I try to get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals aside from taking my multivitamin.

    How have your relationships evolved?
    The biggest difference I see is the relationship I have with my mom. When we used to go shopping, I hated seeing myself in clothes and hated my body, so I would get really distressed and would take out my anger on her. My mom and I would end up getting into arguments all because I felt badly about myself. The first time we went shopping for new clothes for my new size, we didn’t argue once. It was such a relief for both of us! Other relationships have changed in that I am much more comfortable being around people; in fact, I am confident about who I am and am sure that people aren’t going to be turned off by my size or shape now.

    What do you like the most about your new lifestyle?
    New clothes…just kidding! Seriously, I’ve been given the gift of being able to live my life the way I want to! I now love to run, love to play, love to be around people! I’m not afraid of my future anymore, and am fully living my life in the present! I am going to play flag football in October with my school to benefit the victims of domestic violence, and I’m proud to say that I am now physically able to help people because I’ve learned how to help myself!

    What would you tell someone who new to the Best Life?
    Life does not stop as you are trying to lose weight, which means that things can get stressful sometimes; you have to remember to take time for yourself everyday! Don’t forget that there is more to this journey than physical health; make sure you don’t neglect your emotional, mental, or social health. And remember why you are doing this; if you don’t know what your reasons are, it will be much harder to stay motivated during the difficult days!

    When you look in the mirror now, what do you see?
    Before I joined the Best Life, I never wanted to look in the mirror and would especially avoid it when I was around other people because I felt that I could never measure up to them. But now, when I look in the mirror I see a beautiful, determined young woman who is in the best shape of her life.


    About the Author

    Bob Greene is the founder of the highly acclaimed Best Life Diet brand. Through his books, foods, fitness products and website, Greene has helped millions lose weight and live their own personal best life, using his gradual three-phase approach to eating and exercise.

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    Back in the mid ’60s there was a guy winning bodybuilding competitions – including Mr. Universe and Mr. America – by the name of Bob Gajda. Gajda’s wins were very highly impressive because of his unique style of circuit training.

    See, while other guys were doing marathon workouts of countless sets of countless exercises (think the kinda routines you might see in the “Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding”), Gajda was doing something he called “PHA”.

    I know, I know – what does this have to do with you trying to find the best way to lose weight fast? I’ll get to that – promise. Just stick with me for a minute…

    Basically, PHA was a form of circuit training he had developed that allowed him to not only train his muscles (getting stronger, more powerful, and more muscular), but train his heart and lungs (developing good cardio) at the same time. This allowed Gajda to build muscle, burn calories, lose weight and bodyfat, and have a lean, strong, and muscular physique all at once.

    Some of the principles of Gajda’s workouts included:

    -pairing up exercises that went from one end of the body to the other (forcing the heart to work harder constantly pumping blood back and forth across the body)

    -working new sets of muscles while other sets of muscles rested (but the body is still working)

    -using little equipment in the workouts, so as to make sure that there was as little rest as possible between exercises

    After experimenting with and using his PHA routines extensively, Gajda found a number of amazing benefits. He found that not only was he able to building a Mr. America-winning physique, but that he was able be in great condition and have great cardio – all without ever actually doing ‘cardio’ training, and he even found that he was actually *stronger* doing his PHA workouts than normal ‘straight-set’ programs.

    For example, I once remember reading that if he did 5 sets of Dumbbell Curls in a row, he’d have to use dumbbells that were at least 20 pounds lighter (each!) than he would have to use if he were doing Dumbbell Curls as a part of his PHA circuit training!!

    Now what if you wanted to take something like PHA – which I’m sure you can see is really the best way to lose weight fast, and “step it up a notch”? You know – take all the best things about PHA, and then make it all just a *tad* bit better:

    -only needs dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a little bit of space to do your workouts (so you could do them anywhere you wanted)

    -use ‘athletic’ lifts (to ensure you not only build a lot of muscle, but also get stronger and more explosive)

    -utilize plenty of bodyweight calisthenics (so you’re good at moving your body – not just weights)

    -plenty of compound movements (remember – have a strong heart and lungs without ever having to do ‘cardio’)

    -uses a thought-out and planned progression (don’t get thrown into the ‘deep end of the pool’…build your way up)

    -have workouts that make you do enough work to burn plenty of calories (thus making you lose weight)

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